Why do the enterprises choose 80marketing as the partner of Internet integrated marketing? Here is how the CEO of 80marketing, Alan Jao, thinks:

“I’ve been dedicated to Internet Marketing and assisting customers in sales for more than ten years, from a small team with three people, expanded to nearly seventy people nowadays, I keep thinking and asking myself, “Internet marketing is such an extremely competitive industry, why do clients choose us to be their staunch partner and ally? What are our advantages?” After consulted those customers who have collaborated with us for more than three years, the reasons they choose us(80marketing established in July 2015, it’s only been four years.), I’ve summed up various opinions, and summarize the following”:


1. Always stand with clients; your goals are ours.

Employees are the most valuable asset in 80Marketing. Our employees are required to fully understand our clients’ current business and industry knowledge before providing consultancy and marketing services. Last but not least is to clarify the client’s final goals, whether the ultimate goal is to create and maintain the internet word of mouth, increase online sales, or reach more people to visit their stores to receive services through the Internet, however, your purpose will be more than that. Our clients chose to collaborate with us in the end; one main reason is that we understand their industry. Based on this common goal, we can become your most crucial marketing alley, and our clients are comfortable with the collaboration because we won’t deviate from what they ultimately want to achieve.


2. Do we bring our client a unique perspective and insight than other digital marketing agency?

I’ve consulted more than a thousand clients in various industries. I asked them before why they choose to collaborate with KUA-CHI Digital Marketing at the end? Most of them have mentioned one thing in common, “The most significant difference between KUA-CHI and the other is that we show them unique insights and assist their online marketing business from different perspectives.” We never stop learning and progressing, this way we could provide more than just advertising or social media proxy service, but a combination of our understanding of the industry’s marketing, the use of the latest online marketing tools, and advises on providing a better service to their customers throughout the customer journey.

Our clients have told me: these useful, new insights change our original perspective and provide clues on how we can take action.


3. Challange our clients with new approach and ideas

We believe it is vital to expand the client’s thought by sharing new technologies and new business opportunities. Because we understand that the client’s budget is not unlimited, we can provide enough new knowledge and related data to maximize their benefit, so that the client can take action boldly without any concern. The clients always said to me that “we can keenly find a breaking point that can help them keep creating new value, not afraid of challenging their existing ideas” is an important reason to choose to collaborate with us. We can help them avoid implementing the same marketing approach consistently, bring them out of their comfort zone.


4. Assist on long term development

In this competitive market, clients rely on us to better understand the dynamics of the market and find out what more value they can create to their customers, and this is the result that our clients are expecting from a digital marketing agent; however, not many of them can achieve. Knowing the context and trends of the marketing intimately and providing a clear suggestion for future development makes KUA-CHI different from others.

Assistant Vice President from Cathay Insurance said: “We trust the insights and data KUA-CHI provided because they always offer advice on our future development and highly concern about the result to assist our decision-making opportunely, I’m highly confident and optimistic with our collaboration. ”

I see lots of opportunities to continue to partner with current clients and keep moving forward together. We are putting effort into helping them predict the customer needs online accurately, connect with their target audience through the right messages, and penetrate their brands into their memory. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve the above, but insisting on the principles and beliefs above will help our team provide a better experience for clients now and in the future.